Item Location Guild Points Sell Price
Antennal Beast Greed labyrinth maze * Jabberwock 3F grassland 370G
Bee wings Batorubi * grassland* Labyrinth 2F 16G
Blade-like feathers 6F fly Edger wetlands 48G
broken twig Monster 2F grassland 20G
Dirty piece of cloth Oak * Grassland * 1F Labyrinth 6G
Dorsal Suishoku Eclipse Labyrinth 444G
Ella was Numenume 4F Baurou wetlands 36G
Fang Suishoku 6F Foruneusu wetlands 216G
Fang young dragon Kodora * grassland * 2F Labyrinth 15G
Fragments of shell 4F Tarutaruga wetlands 37G
grass swaying 6F bog monster 55G
Large claws beast Jabberwock 3F grassland 180G
Large leaf Lotus 4F wetlands 34G
Lizard scales Leaf Lizard 1F grassland 6G
Long tongue Gilt 5F wig wetlands 43G
Luminous grass monster 3F grassland 25G
Multiple shell 5F scissors star marshland 90G
Ohari Bee brutal *3F labyrinth * grassland 26G
Pebble of spirit Alma Albero * grassland * labyrinth maze 2F 136G
Pieces of iron Brook 3F grassland 28G
Rounded pebbles 5F bog monster 47G
Scales of the dragon Salamander prairie labyrinth 3F 29G
Sharp thorns 5F solid bog turtle 41G
shiny piece of wood Albero 2F grassland 60G
Small feather Emu * Grassland* 1F Labyrinth 6G
Stone pieces of the magnetic field Labyrinth monster 24G
Sturdy scissors 5F scissors star marshland 204G
Sturdy vine 6F bog water lily 51G
Thin feather 5F flyer wetlands 44G
Webbed clean 6F Aurotoru wetlands 50G
White Fluff Monster 1F Grassland 8G
Viscosity damp branches 4F bog monster 39G
跳鳥 nails Oost * grassland * Labyrinth 2F 17G
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